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About Us

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My name is Ashwin Patel. I am a qualified Pharmacist practising in the Republic of Ireland. I studied at the School of Pharmacy, University of London and qualified as a Pharmacist in 1979. I am a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland.

I was born to Indian parents in a small village on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda, in Eastern Africa. My parents moved from their homeland of Gujarat in India in 1947.They were both vegetarians all their life.

The squat toilet, which was a hole in the ground type toilet, was the only toilet available for evacuation of the bowel in a hygienic way to my parents in their youth and they squatted to perform the daily routine of emptying the bowel as well as other social activities such as resting on the ground, washing ones clothes as well as body, preparing meals and sweeping and mopping the floor. This squatting posture was adopted again when they moved to Africa. The toilets in the village of my birth were squatting toilets very similar to those my parents used in India. These were generally located in the back yard of the house, as far away as possible. There was typically a trench in the ground with a hole in the concrete floor. There were two stepping stones on either side of the hole to place your feet upon. There were no lights or running water. In the hours of darkness you had to take a kerosene lamp along with you. A bucket of water was to be found in one corner with a small jug hanging from the lip. This water was for washing the anal area after finishing. This procedure of washing instead of wiping with paper is still followed by the majority of the Indian population in India even today.

I remember using the squat toilet until I was eight years old. I can remember the dread of falling into the trench, the smell and especially the cockroaches that lingered in the toilet house. I cannot recall the need for Laxatives during this period of my life. The bowels opened regularly without any aids.

All this came to an end when we moved to the city of Kampala when I was eight. We moved into a new house where we thought we were “privileged” and “important” to find the raised toilet ready installed inside the house! We thought what comfort! Yes, we did feel more “civilised” for having the opportunity to live in a house equipped with the modern raised water closet with a flushing system built in. No smell or Cockroaches! No more visits to the Trench toilet! No more Squatting. We happily abandoned the squat posture for the sitting posture.

We could not have been more wrong in our thinking. Both my parents were vegetarians and my Brother and older sisters were all vegetarians until we moved to the United Kingdom in 1971. In spite of the fact that our diet was plant based and contained large amounts of plant fiber, we all discovered that we needed a regular dose of laxatives to help move the bowel. ENO’s fruit salts and occasionally a dose of Castor oil was needed to help move the bowels. We all got on with life without looking for the reasons for the change in our bowel habit.

My father’s bowel/constipation problems got worse after our move to England. Doctors prescribed more fiber on top of his dietary intake! This intervention was not sufficient and did not help. The problem of needing to go again after just having opened the bowel became a regular occurrence. Long periods of time were spent in the toilet, straining to open the bowel to achieve complete elimination of waste.

A contributory factor may have been the introduction of processed foods and white bread into a diet which was previously based predominantly on whole foods and whole grains.

The realisation that the adoption of the raised toilet seat and the sitting posture and abandoning the squat posture for emptying the bowel to which we were used to in the village in Africa was the real cause of all the damage caused by straining only came to me after my father’s death in the year 2010.
I studied defecation control and defecation postures only to discover that the posture we used in early life was the proper and correct one. Research on factors essential to adopt the squat posture followed. There is an enormous amount of information on this subject, together with scientific research carried out by eminent scientists.

Totally abandoning the raised toilet was not going to be a practical option for me. I could not squat if I tried. I have lost the ability to squat due to the fact that I gave up a long time ago. The muscles necessary have wasted away. The only option was to try and see if I could mimic the squat posture while sitting on the raised toilet seat.

Having discovered the factors necessary to achieve a squat posture, I tried the leaning forward, legs back and on tip toe approach with some success but found it difficult to keep up. A small stool on each foot to help raise the feet off the ground helped a little.
Then I thought of incorporating all the essential factors necessary to achieve a squat posture while sitting on the raised toilet seat into one product and designed the SquattLooStool. Early attempts on a prototype proved I was on the right path. Perfecting the design did not take too long.

There is one specially designed stool for each foot for maximum flexibility and comfort. The stool is lightweight and can be moved and positioned by sliding forwards toward the toilet seat or away from the seat as necessary for total comfort and effectiveness, especially for the infirm, elderly, overweight and those suffering from medical conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis that may cause pain and discomfort during movement.

The SquattLooStool now allows me to visit the loo without fear of pain or the thought of all that Straining!
No more pain or straining!
Complete, effortless elimination every time without the feeling of the need to go again.
No more constipation!
No need for laxatives.
The job is finished in a few minutes. Heaven!!!

My dream is to see everyone adopt the squat posture to eliminate waste in the way nature intended. I want to change the ingrained habit of moving ones bowel to eliminate waste by sitting down on the raised toilet seat to a posture that converts the sitting posture to a Squat posture.

The aim of this site is to
1.Re-educate that portion of the human race upon which the modern raised closet type of toilet has been imposed.
An argument is made for the advantages of adopting the Squat posture for eliminating waste from the body.

To provide information about the workings of the human gastrointestinal tract with emphasis on the bowels in as simple a language as possible so that people are able and prepared to openly talk about and discuss their bowel ailments without embarrassment.
2.The SquattLooStool is promoted as the most effective bathroom accessory necessary to make the lifestyle change of squatting instead of sitting to evacuate the bowel.
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