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Endorsement of the Squat posture by world renowned Physicians
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Endorsement of the Squat posture by world renowned Physicians

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Endorsement of the Squat posture by world renowned Physicians

More than half of the people on the planet adopt the squat posture to empty the bowel and there should be no need to justify the effectiveness of this posture.
However, there is definitely a need to make people aware of this more effective option.

Having reviewed all the scientific literature available on the squatting posture and having had some personal experience with this ancient, time-tested method for natural evacuation, I have no hesitation in recommending it to my patients. 'Natural Position' toilets allow those who are new to squatting, as well as those who have done it all their lives, to use this method safely and comfortably. Many ailments can be prevented and alleviated by their widespread use.

Alejandro Cardona, MD
General Practitioner
Department of Medicine
University of Valencia

Back in 1979, when former President Carter had a haemorrhoid problem, Time Magazine called and asked me to explain the cause of haemorrhoids. In the magazine, I was quoted as saying, "Man was not meant to sit on a toilet, but to squat in a field."

Michael I. Freilich, MD
Retired Surgeon
Marina del Rey, CA


Dr. Jerry E. Block, M.D., F.A.C.P. is a Board Certified Internist and the founder of Southeast Kansas Internal Medicine Associates. Dr. Block and his staff of 34 health-care professionals practice the art and science of Integrative Medicine. His most recent book is A Horse and Buggy Doctor Caught in the 21st Century.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Block's newspaper column on the importance of squatting:
"Dr. Denis Burkitt was the celebrated medical researcher who discovered the power of fibre when he studied traditional African societies 60 years ago. He made the observation that the squatting posture was at least as important as eating fibre for preventing [intestinal] diseases. The squatting posture keeps the bowel naturally clean, preventing the faecal stagnation that creates a breeding ground for infection and inflammation."

Dr Jerry E Block, MD, FACP
Board Certified Internist
Founder, Southeast Kansas Internal Medicine Associates
Author, A Horse and Buggy Doctor Caught in the 21st Century


Fifteen years ago, we wanted to import a "squat toilet" for our new house in Massachusetts. It was then not permitted by the building code!

Squatting is the activity of daily life that Westerners (and regrettably, more and more Easterners) have given up at their peril. The use of toilets and chairs lead to myriad problems that plague modern society.

Natural Position toilets go a long way toward their prevention and cure.

Elizabeth Noble, P.T.
Founder: Section on Women's Health
American Physical Therapy Association.
Author of 8 books
See her biography

Leo Sorger, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Former Clinical Instructor, Boston University Medical School
(Husband of Elizabeth)


The many health benefits of the use of the 'Natural Position' are not a joke. Here in America and Europe we are so used to our Western way of using the toilet--sitting and waiting and straining. Well, it just so happens that the ancient method of squatting makes use of gravity to help Nature do Her job. So much of the world, in its apparently primitive style, is really way ahead of us in many ways, including even our elimination. Sitting is not as relaxing and effortless in this process--squatting is far superior. Strain can lead to many disorders in this area of the physiology.

A 'Natural Position' toilet allows us Westerners to make use of natural laws to aid in elimination. I wholeheartedly endorse this wonderful product that is so advanced and yet so beautifully primitive in aiding a daily and quite human and very important behaviour. Let us be ready to answer Nature's call in the most natural way.

Donn Wiedershine, MD
Staten Island, NY

I have written the book, “Put Haemorrhoids and Constipation Behind You”, which had a chapter describing our biological similarities to our ancestors of 3 million years ago. As such, we were designed to squat to eliminate.

Kenneth Yasny, PhD

President, Society for the Prevention of Colon Disease



“Squatting has been a significant help in restoring healthy bowel function to my body. It is one of the major keys I have needed to learn in order to overcome the chronic bowel condition that was my lot in life to experience”.

Prof. Dr. Sir Peter William Edwards
ND, PhD, DSc (Health Science), D Litt, F.R.C.P. (M.A.)
Knight of Malta
Naturopathic Physician, Author of 10 books
Mudgeeraba, Queensland, Australia

Happiness Is a Regular Complete Bowel Motion is Sir Peter's latest book. The longest chapter is devoted to a thorough explanation of the vital importance of squatting. His website is www.panharmony.com

How to heal and prevent Bowel disorders

Diet is not about what you should NOT eat, it’s about what you should include in the diet that matters.
As long as your diet includes the correct balance of plant foods containing soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch your colon will produce the perfectly formed stool. The important next step is to evacuate this stool without straining so that the body does not suffer from the pressures created each time the bowel is emptied.

In order to heal and prevent bowel disorders you need to make lifestyle changes that last the rest of your life time.

1. Include more fluids and plant food containing soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch in the diet so that the perfectly formed stool will be made in the colon and beneficial bacteria will flourish and eliminate disease causing bacteria and fungi.

2. Evacuate the perfectly formed stool by adopting the squat posture to eliminate the need to strain during bowel movements.

It is not possible or safe to squat on the modern raised toilet seat installed in all western homes and it is impossible to squat for any length of time if you have not done this from childhood onwards. This makes the use of any raised platforms impossible to adapt to.

The SquattLooStool is designed to allow you to adopt the squat posture while seated comfortably on your raised toilet seat.
The single best and easiest lifestyle change you will ever make, leading to a healthier body.


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