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The SquattLooStool
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The SquattLooStool
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The SquattLooStool

Price per Unit (Pair): €100.00

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The SquattLooStool is no ordinary stool. It is designed to incorporate all the essential features necessary to create the squat posture while seated comfortably on your raised toilet seat. The height of the stool helps raise the feet and thighs off the ground and press against the Abdomen just above the navel so that pressures created can be transferred into the Cecum, Ascending Colon, Descending Colon and Sigmoid Colon, helping to propel the faecal waste towards the Rectum. The Hollow on top of the stool at the back end neatly accommodates the heel of foot for a comfortable and stable fit. The Incline and slope in the stool accommodates the foot comfortably in the creatively designed crevice and creates an impulsive forward lean of the upper body, draws the legs back and forms a “tip toe” posture to aid the transfer of body weight from the buttocks to the legs and help relax the pelvic floor muscles that normally maintain a locked tone on the Rectum and Anus to maintain continence. The lip at the front of the stool accommodates the foot comfortably, provides stability and prevents slipping. The stool is made from Rigid Polyethylene for strength and a non slip surface when the weight of the body is transferred to the feet, yet easily moveable if required for comfort. It is easy to clean and maintain. The SquattLooStool helps you to create the squat posture while you are seated comfortably on the raised toilet seat in your bathroom. When the urge to go arrives, defecation of the well formed stool begins as soon as the Squat posture is adopted and the whole process is finished within minutes. The squat posture created does two things inside your body: 1.This posture helps relax the sling like muscle called the puborectalis muscle and causes it to release its hold at the junction between Rectum and the Anus. (The Ano-Rectal angle). Relaxation of the puborectalis muscle removes the “kink” or bend that normally prevents waste from entering the anal canal. This creates a clear pathway between the Rectum and Anus and only requires conscious or voluntary relaxation of the external anal sphincter to open the bowel so that stool can slide out without any straining. 2.In the squat posture created, the thighs are brought closer to the abdominal wall and will press against the abdomen just above your navel. The forward lean-to posture further aids this process. The thighs are pressing against the abdomen where the Cecum and Sigmoid Colon are located. Compression in this area transfers the pressure to the inside of the Ascending, Transverse, Descending and Sigmoid colon in a similar fashion to that of squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. This compression is gentle when compared to forces created during STRAINING and leads to waste matter being squeezed up from the ascending colon towards the Rectum without causing any unnatural pressures that may cause the ILEOCECAL VALVE to be forced open in the opposite direction, causing leakage of fermenting waste material from the Cecum to enter the small intestine and contaminate it. This contamination can lead to a condition called Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth. The open passage created together with the gentle compression within the Colon and Rectum allows the free passage of the well formed stool and the force of gravity will allow the stool to literally slide out of the body. The same effect of squatting could be achieved while using western toilets: sit down like normal and then spread your legs apart and place your feet in/on to the SquattLooStool and lean your upper body forward and bring your arms down as if trying to grab your ankles or place your arms around your knees so that the inside of your elbows is touching the outside of your knees and bring your hands in so that you can grab your fingers together. Basically you're folding yourself but still supported by the toilet seat so those who are infirm and have painful knees can also do it. Everybody is an individual and the location of your Colon tube (which you are trying to compress during this posturing) will vary from one person to another. For this reason, you will find that moving the knees, legs and feet around and apart at different angles on the floor will eventually lead you to find the best posture for your body. This is allowed for by having one stool for each foot and ease of adjusting the position on the floor by sliding the stool around. Just remember that the two most important factors will be achieved by the raised stool itself (Creating the squat by raising your legs and making you lean forward). The rest is achieved just by moving your legs and feet apart at different angles on the floor to find the best position for your body. You are trying to compress the Ascending, Transverse, Descending and Sigmoid Colon within your abdomen using your left and right thigh. This depends on where in your body these are located. You will find the location by compressing on different parts of your abdomen using your thighs in the squat posture. This is achieved by trying out different angles at which your legs are placed apart while sitting on the raised seat, with your feet on the SquattLooStool and in the lean forward posture. When you can evacuate your bowels completely with ease and without straining within a few minutes of sitting down, you will have found the correct posture for your body. This posture is only possible to achieve by placing each foot on a separate stool. You can only move the stool around at different angles and forward and backward or away from the toilet seat or nearer to it to find a position which works best for you comfortably. A stool that does not allow this flexibility is difficult to use and not as efficient as the SquattLooStool. There are a few Toileting Stools on the market that are made in one rigid piece and do not allow you to adjust your posture to a comfortable one and one that achieves the intended purpose (Immediate, Complete and fast evacuation of the bowels without much pushing or straining, no waiting for more action and hardly anything to wipe). The suggestion of using a platform on the existing toilet seat to squat on is not only dangerous but impractical for the old, infirm and those who have lost the ability to squat in the first place, which includes the majority of people in western society. The ability to squat is lost if the muscles involved are not used continuously. How to heal and prevent Bowel disorders Diet is not about what you should NOT eat, it’s about what you should include in the diet that matters. As long as your diet includes the correct balance of plant foods containing soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch your colon will produce the perfectly formed stool. The important next step is to evacuate this stool without straining so that the body does not suffer from the pressures created each time the bowel is emptied. In order to heal and prevent bowel disorders you need to make lifestyle changes that last the rest of your life time. 1. Include more fluids and plant food containing soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and resistant starch in the diet so that the perfectly formed stool will be made in the colon and beneficial bacteria will flourish and eliminate disease causing bacteria and fungi. 2. Evacuate the perfectly formed stool by adopting the squat posture to eliminate the need to strain during bowel movements. It is not possible or safe to squat on the modern raised toilet seat installed in all western homes and it is impossible to squat for any length of time if you have not done this from childhood onwards. This makes the use of any raised platforms impossible to adapt to. The SquattLooStool is designed to allow you to adopt the squat posture while seated comfortably on your raised toilet seat. The single best and easiest lifestyle change you will ever make, leading to a healthier body.

The SquattLooStool €100.00

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